2C Boxes (Creative Craft Boxes)

2C Boxes are for you to create your own craft. All you need is glue and scissors. There is no instruction to follow! It is open ended! Imagine, create, and share! Use all the material or some; create one piece or more; there is no limit. When you are done, feel free to send us a picture of your finished craft (info@schoolofinquiry.com). We would love to see what you have created! We will upload it on this website to share with others. You can also check out what others have made with the same box and material!

See what others have made: Click here

There are several 2C Boxes containing different material. Each 2C Box has a name (see the list below). To order, call us at (604) 782-4474 or email us at info@schoolofinquiry.com. 

Have fun creating your own craft!

A) Christmas Gift Boxes: There are 6 unique Christmas gifts boxes. If you cannot see all 6 boxes on your screen, please click here. Each box is CAD $19.99, buy two for $29.99!


#1 Gingerbread      CAD $19.99


#2 Christmas Scene     CAD $19.99


#3 Christmas Snowman    CAD $19.99


#4 Ornaments     CAD $19.99


#5 Christmas Card    CAD $19.99


#6 Christmas Tree    CAD $19.99

B) Geometric Patterns: The Geometric Patterns boxes provide an opportunity for children to create rich, complicated and vibrant patterns with simple geometric shapes. The patterns help children envision endless possibilities, encourage children to ask “what if” questions, and enhance their imagination, creativity, and cognitive understanding of structure. Let your child use the shapes in a way that fulfills a specific function (e.g. a table, a house, a flower and the like), create a structure (e.g. a tower that is as high as possible), or develop and explore different patterns.